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Silver color PET base material Hologram Label

Metallized PET film has different colors. More than 90% hologram label is made of silver and golden color material because silver and golden material has best hologram reflect effect. Other color material as Blue, Red, Green, transparent also is available. We have thickness in 25micron,36 micron 50 micron and 100 micron. Base material film can be non tamper evident, tamper evident and  Pattern Released Hologram


Base Color of PET Film for Hologram Label Sample silver 1 2 3 golden 1 2 3 red blue green


This hologram label is made by 25 micron silver aluminum metalized PET material. Tamper evident.


Silver color secure hologram. Tamper evident.


Silver color hologram label. Tamper proof.


sivler color based hologram. Tamper proof, VOID Pattern.


Any stellated shape cutting hologram label, polygonal shape hologram label. Dotmatrix. Silver color, Tamper evident.


Any hologram label grotesque in shape. Silver color, Tamper evident. Dot-matrix + 2D/3D




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